Swift - Data Type String Length


There are two ways to find the length of a string in Swift:

  • Use the equivalent of the length property in Swift. It is useful if you are not dealing with Unicode characters in your string.
  • Use the global countElements () function available in Swift to count the length/size of a string. The countElements () function counts the size of Unicode characters correctly.
let bouquet:Character = "\u{1F490}"

Because bouquet is declared as a Character, you will not be able to use the countElements() function.

The countElements() function only works for strings.

print(countElements(bouquet))  //error

The following statements each output 1 for the length of the strings:


var s1 = "e"                 
print(countElements(s1))   //  w  w  w  .  j  a v a 2s  . c  o  m
var s2 = "\u{E9}"            

Whether you use a Unicode character directly or use a Unicode scalar within your string, the length of the string is still the same:


var s3 = "cafe"              
print(countElements(s3))   //from   ww w.j a  va2  s  .c  o  m

var s4 = "caf\u{E9}"         

Even if you combine a Unicode scalar with a string, the countElements() function will still count the number of characters:


var s5 = "voila"             
print(countElements(s5))   //from  w  ww .  j  a v a  2 s  .c  o  m

var s6 = "voila" + "\u{300}" 

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