Javascript - RegExp Instance Properties


RegExp object has the following properties:

Pattern meaning
global A Boolean value indicating whether the g flag has been set.
ignoreCase A Boolean value indicating whether the i flag has been set.
lastIndexAn integer indicating the character position where the next match will be attempted in the source string. This value begins as 0.
multiline A Boolean value indicating whether the m flag has been set.
source The string source of the regular expression.

Here's an example:


var pattern1 = /\[bc\]at/i;

console.log(;     //false
console.log(pattern1.ignoreCase); //true
console.log(pattern1.multiline);  //false
console.log(pattern1.lastIndex);  //0
console.log(pattern1.source);     //"\[bc\]at"

var pattern2 = new RegExp("\\[bc\\]at", "i");

console.log(;     //false
console.log(pattern2.ignoreCase); //true
console.log(pattern2.multiline);  //false
console.log(pattern2.lastIndex);  //0
console.log(pattern2.source);     //"\[bc\]at"