PHP - Class Properties and methods visibility


To control where and how class properties and methods can be accessed, use the following access control keyword:

Access Level Description
privateallows access only to members of the same class. If A and B are instances of the class C, A can access the properties and methods of B.
protected allows access to members of the same class and instances from classes that inherit from that one only.
public accessible from anywhere. Any classes or code in general from outside the class can access it.
     class Customer { 
        private $id; 
        private $firstname; 
        private $surname; 
        private $email; 

        public function __construct( 
            int $id, 
            string $firstname, 
            string $surname, 
            string $email 
        ) { 
            $this->id = $id; 
            $this->firstname = $firstname; 
            $this->surname = $surname; 
            $this->email = $email; 

    $customer1 = new Customer(1, 'John', 'Doe', ''); 
    $customer2 = new Customer(2, 'Mary', 'Smith', ''); 

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