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Python's Core

The following table lists Python's built-in object types and some of the syntax used to code their literals.

Object type Example literals/creation
Numbers 1234, 3.1415, 3+4j, 0b111, Decimal(), Fraction()
Strings 'abcd', "test's", b'a\x01c', u'sp\xc4m'
Lists [1, [2, 'sss'], 4.5], list(range(10))
Dictionaries {'food': 'abcd', 'test': 'yum'}, dict(hours=10)
Tuples(1, 'abcd', 4, 'U'), tuple('abcd'), named tuple
Files open('abc.txt'), open(r'C:\data\data.bin', 'wb')
Sets set('abc'), {'a', 'b', 'c'}
Other core types Booleans, types, None

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