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1.Binding to a LINQ to SQL Query
2.Binding to a Web Service
3.Using Parameters with the ObjectDataSource Control
4.Using Different Parameter Types
5.Passing Objects as Parameters
6.Filtering Data
7.Handling ObjectDataSource Control Events
8.Handling Method Errors
9.Handling the Object Creating Event

10.Concurrency and the ObjectDataSource Control, ConflictDetection: CompareAllValues / OverwriteChanges
11.Creating a Custom ObjectDataSource Control
12.Creating Custom Parameter Objects
13.Creating a Page Property Parameter
14.Define your own collection for ObjectDataSource
15.objectdatasource with control parameter
16.GridView with ObjectDataSource
17.ObjectDataSource with selectmethod, deletemethod, updatemethod, insertmethod
18.ObjectDataSource based on XML
19.ObjectDataSource and backend database