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1.Convert string to double (VB.net)
2.Convert int value to string (VB.net)
3.Convert selected date from asp:Calendar to long string (VB.net)
4.Convert value in asp:TextBox to int in try catch block (VB.net)
5.Convert value in asp:TextBox to date in try catch block (VB.net)
6.Convert value in asp:TextBox to bool in try catch block (VB.net)
7.Convert value from asp:TextBox to int and compare (VB.net)
8.Convert Now (current date) to string (C#)
9.Output ASCII Code (C#)

10.Convert String to int and decimal (C#)
11.Convert double and date to string (C#)
12.Int, String and date variables (C#)
13.Read string from asp textbox and format it to DateTime (C#)
14.Convert int to String (C#)
15.Convert date to string (C#)