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1.Disable the Theme for a particular page by using the EnableTheming attribute with the <%@ Page %> directive.
2.Applying a theme application-wide from the Web.config file
3.Removing Themes from Web Pages
4.Enable theming for specific controls by EnableTheming property
5.Creating Your Own Themes
6.Creating a Skin file takes precedence over styles applied to every HTML element
8.Having Your Themes Include Images
9.Defining Multiple Skin Options: SkinID

10.Assigning the Page's Theme Programmatically (VB / C#)
11.Assigning the server control's SkinID property programmatically (VB / C#)
12.Disabling theming for your custom controls (VB / C#)
13.Disabling theming for properties in your custom controls
14.Calendar Themes
15.Dynamic Themes
16.Themes Image
17.Themes Setup
18.Themes With CSS
19.Your own theme
20.Themes template
21.Global Themes