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Animation Interpolator

//package org.ametro.util;


public class AnimationInterpolator {

  public final static int SCALE = 1;
  public final static int SCROLL = 2;
  public final static int SCALE_AND_SCROLL = 3;
  private PointF mStartPoint = new PointF();
  private PointF mEndPoint = new PointF();
  private PointF mNowPoint = new PointF();
  private float mStartScale;
  private float mEndScale;
  private long mPeriod;
  private long mEndTime;
  private long mNowTime;
  private int mMode;
  public void begin(PointF startPoint, PointF endPoint, Float startScale, Float endScale, long time){
    this.mNowTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
    this.mEndTime = mNowTime + time;
    this.mPeriod = time;
    this.mMode = 0;
    if(startScale!=null && endScale!=null){
      this.mStartScale = startScale;
      this.mEndScale = endScale;
      this.mMode |= SCALE;
    if(startPoint!=null && endPoint!=null){
      this.mMode |= SCROLL;

  public void begin(float startScale, float endScale, long time){
    begin(null,null,startScale, endScale, time);
  public void begin(PointF startPoint, PointF endPoint, long time){
    begin(startPoint, endPoint, null, null, time);
  public boolean more(){
    return mNowTime < mEndTime; 
  public void next(){
    mNowTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
  public PointF getPoint(){
    if(mNowTime < mEndTime){
      float k = getProgress();
      float x = mEndPoint.x - k * (mEndPoint.x - mStartPoint.x);
      float y = mEndPoint.y - k * (mEndPoint.y - mStartPoint.y);
      mNowPoint.set(x, y);
      return mNowPoint;
      return mEndPoint;
  public float getScale(){
    if(mNowTime < mEndTime){
      float k = getProgress();
      return (mEndScale - k * (mEndScale - mStartScale));
      return mEndScale;
  private float getProgress() {
    return (float)(mEndTime - mNowTime) / mPeriod;

  public boolean hasScale() {
    return (mMode & SCALE)!=0;
  public boolean hasScroll() {
    return (mMode & SCROLL)!=0;


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