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1.A list view example where the data for the list comes from an array of strings.
2.A list view example where the data comes from a cursor.
3.Using ListActivity
4.SimpleCursorAdapter and ListActivity
5.Get ListActivity selected index
6.Multi-column ListActivity
7.A list view example with separators.
8.List item click event
9.Dynamic List item

10.Self Wrapper for List
11.Static text for List view
12.List selection event
13.Simple List single choice
14.To do list app
15.Scale listener
16.Weather List Widget
17.Demonstrates expandable lists backed by Cursors
18.Demonstrates expandable lists backed by a Simple Map-based adapter
19.Demonstrates the using a list view in transcript mode
20.Demonstrates how a list can avoid expensive operations during scrolls or flings.
21.Demonstrates how to write an efficient list adapter.
22.A list view where the last item the user clicked is placed in the "activated" state, causing its background to highlight.
23.Calculate the minimum and maximum values out of a list of doubles.
24.Bounded Linked List
25.Adapter that simply returns row views from a list.
26.Diary app