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1.Create Option menu
2.Menu and messages
3.Context menu
4.Custom menu
5.Using Icon in Menu
6.Option Menu selection event
7.Menu Inflation
8.Context Menu event
9.Create Menu within your code

10.Activity Menu
11.Define menu in xml file
12.Adding submenu
13.Using Icon in menu and submenu
14.Get Menu title
15.onOptionsItemSelected/onPrepareOptionsMenu/onCreateOptionsMenu Event
16.Basics of the Action Bar and how it interoperates with the standard options menu.
17.Demonstration of displaying a context menu from a fragment.
18.Demonstrates how fragments can participate in the options menu.
19.Demonstrates inflating menus from XML.
20.Usage of SearchView in an ActionBar as a menu item.
21.This demo illustrates the use of CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE_MODAL