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1.Adds up 5 numbersAdds up 5 numbers
2.For and sum:Sum the integers from 1 to a user-specified number
3.Averaging ten numbers - storing the numbers the hard way
4.Define int variable and output
5.Using a variable
6.maximum and minimum value of int
7.Simple int calculation
8.How to define variable and use them
9.Display a table of squares and cubesDisplay a table of squares and cubes

10.Divide the first number by the second
11.Printf and scanf pair for int value
12.Define and use int
13.Int variable: value assign and calculation
14.Do calculation on int
15.Output the short and unsigned short int
16.Define int and initialize it
17.Assign value to short int
18.Assign int value to three int variable
19.Convert float to int