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1.Define function to sum
2.Definition of the function to calculate an averageDefinition of the function to calculate an average
3.Demonstraction of function call
4.Function call
5.Check out the int value change before and after function callCheck out the int value change before and after function call
6.Define function to multiply two int
7.Uses a function prototype to enforce strong type checking
8.Serve as a prototype within this program
9.Define function and use it: square

10.Function: Print a string in uppercase
11.A program with two functions
12.This program has three functions
13.Define function and use it
14.Return statement
15.Assign function return value to a variable
16.A simple program that demonstrates sum()
17.Define function to output char
18.Function to output square
19.Define two functions and call them in main
20.Function which returns int value
21.Define function with void return
22.Define function to calculate the ounces and cups
23.Function declaration
24.Define function to calculate the volumn
25.Function prototype: declare getnum() prior to its first use
26.Define function and return value
27.Define function with parameter and return value
28.Function call each other
29.Define two functions and make function call
30.Global and local variable inside function
31.Function prototype