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1.printf: display message by format
2.Output char
3.print the ASCII code for c
4.print character with ASCII 90
5.print ivalue as octal value
6.print lower-case hexadecimal
7.print upper-case hexadecimal
8.minimum width 1
9.minimum width 5, right-justify

10.minimum width 5, left-justify
11.33 non-null, automatically
12.31 non-null, automatically
13.minimum 5 overridden, auto 33
14.minimum width 38, right-justify
15.minimum width 38, left-justify
16.default ivalue width, 4
17.printf ivalue with + sign
18.minimum 3 overridden, auto 4
19.minimum width 10, right-justify
20.minimum width 10, left-justify
21.right justify with leading 0's
22.using default number of digits
23.minimum width 20, right-justify
24.right-justify with leading 0's
25.minimum width 20, left-justify
26.minimum width 19, print all 17
27.prints first 2 chars
28.prints 2 chars, right-justify
29.prints 2 chars, left-justify
30.using printf arguments
31.width 10, 8 to right of '.'
32.width 20, 2 to right-justify
33.4 decimal places, left-justify
34.decimal places, right-justify
35.width 20, scientific notation
36.printf %s for string
37.printf %d for integer
38.printf %ld for long integer number
39.printf %10d, %10.f