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Class variables with default value

Class variables with default value
Learning C# 
by Jesse Liberty

Publisher: O'Reilly 
ISBN: 0596003765
 using System;

 public class MyTimeWithDefaultValue
     // private member variables
     int year;
     int month;
     int date;
     int hour;
     int minute;
     int second = 30;

     // public method
     public void DisplayCurrentMyTimeWithDefaultValue()
         System.Console.WriteLine("{0}/{1}/{2} {3}:{4}:{5}",
             month, date, year, hour, minute, second);

     // constructor
     public MyTimeWithDefaultValue(int theYear, int theMonth, int theDate,
         int theHour, int theMinute)
         year = theYear;
         month = theMonth;
         date = theDate;
         hour = theHour;
         minute = theMinute;

 public class Tester
     static void Main()
         MyTimeWithDefaultValue timeObject = new MyTimeWithDefaultValue(2005,3,25,9,35);


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