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Define properties for class

Define properties for class
Learning C# 
by Jesse Liberty

Publisher: O'Reilly 
ISBN: 0596003765
 using System;

 namespace Properties
     class Time

         // private member variables
         private int year;
         private int month;
         private int date;
         private int hour;
         private int minute;
         private int second;

         // create a property
         public int Hour
                 return hour;

                 hour = value;

         // public accessor methods
         public void DisplayCurrentTime()
                 "Time: {0}/{1}/{2} {3}:{4}:{5}",
                 month, date, year, hour, minute, second);

         // constructors
         public Time(System.DateTime dt)
             year =      dt.Year;
             month =     dt.Month;
             date =      dt.Day;
             hour =      dt.Hour;
             minute =    dt.Minute;
             second =    dt.Second;

    public class PropertiesTester
       public void Run()
           System.DateTime currentTime = System.DateTime.Now;
           Time t = new Time(currentTime);

           // access the hour to a local variable
           int theHour = t.Hour;

           // display it
           System.Console.WriteLine("Retrieved the hour: {0}",

           // increment it

           // reassign the incremented value back through
           // the property
           t.Hour = theHour;

           // display the property
           System.Console.WriteLine("Updated the hour: {0}", t.Hour);

       static void Main()
          PropertiesTester t = new PropertiesTester();


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