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illustrates interfaces

illustrates interfaces
Mastering Visual C# .NET
by Jason Price, Mike Gunderloy

Publisher: Sybex;
ISBN: 0782129110
  Example8_1.cs illustrates interfaces

using System;

// define the IDrivable interface
public interface IDrivable

  // method declarations
  void Start();
  void Stop();

  // property declaration
  bool Started


// Car class implements the IDrivable interface
class Car : IDrivable

  // declare the underlying field used by the Started property
  private bool started = false;

  // implement the Start() method
  public void Start()
    Console.WriteLine("car started");
    started = true;

  // implement the Stop() method
  public void Stop()
    Console.WriteLine("car stopped");
    started = false;

  // implement the Started property
  public bool Started
      return started;

public class Example8_1

  public static void Main()

    // create a Car object
    Car myCar = new Car();

    // call myCar.Start()
    Console.WriteLine("myCar.Started = " + myCar.Started);

    // call myCar.Stop()
    Console.WriteLine("myCar.Started = " + myCar.Started);




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