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1.Create SortedList sorted according to the specified IComparer
2.Create a SortedList using case-insensitive comparer
3.Create a SortedList using CaseInsensitiveComparer based on the Turkish culture (tr-TR)
4.Create a SortedList using the StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase value.
5.SortedList is a collection of key/value pairs that are sorted by the keys and are accessible by key and by index.
6.SortedList.Add Method Adds an element with key and value to a SortedList object.
7.SortedList.Clear removes all elements from a SortedList object.
8.SortedList.Contains Determines whether a SortedList object contains a specific key.
9.SortedList.CopyTo copies SortedList elements to a one-dimensional Array object

10.SortedList.GetByIndex gets the value at the specified index of a SortedList object.
11.SortedList.IndexOfKey returns the zero-based index of the specified key in a SortedList object.
12.SortedList.IsSynchronized tells whether access to a SortedList object is synchronized (thread safe).
13.SortedList.Remove removes the element with the specified key from a SortedList object.
14.SortedList.SetByIndex replaces the value at a specific index in a SortedList object.
15.Add element to SortedListAdd element to SortedList
16.Add to SortedList, get by key and index
17.Delete element in a SortedList with RemoveAt
18.illustrates the use of a SortedListillustrates the use of a SortedList
19.illustrates the use of the SortedList methodsillustrates the use of the SortedList methods
20.Demonstrate a SortedListDemonstrate a SortedList
21.Create a SortedList using the default comparer
22.Create a SortedList using the specified case-insensitive comparer
23.Create a SortedList using the specified CaseInsensitiveComparer
24.Parametr Collection