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Demonstrate bool values

Demonstrate bool values
C#: The Complete Reference 
by Herbert Schildt 

Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill (March 8, 2002)
ISBN: 0072134852
// Demonstrate bool values. 
using System; 
public class BoolDemo { 
  public static void Main() { 
    bool b; 
    b = false; 
    Console.WriteLine("b is " + b); 
    b = true; 
    Console.WriteLine("b is " + b); 
    // a bool value can control the if statement 
    if(b) Console.WriteLine("This is executed."); 
    b = false; 
    if(b) Console.WriteLine("This is not executed."); 
    // outcome of a relational operator is a bool value 
    Console.WriteLine("10 > 9 is " + (10 > 9)); 


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