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1.The hex dump programThe hex dump program
2.To specify a hexadecimal constant, begin with 0x or 0X, followed by a sequence of digits in the range 0 through 9 and a (or A) through f (or F).
3.Hex Encoder
4.Hex Translator
5.Convert Hex char To Int
6.Hex To Unicode
7.Hex To Bytes
8.Unicode To Hex
9.Unicode To Hex (2)

10.Convert a hex string into a byte array with one byte for every 2 hex characters.
11.Convert Hex Value To Byte Array
12.Binary To Hex
13.Bytes To Hex String
14.Hex String To Bytes
15.Hex value to Binary
16.Is hex digit
17.Hex string to byte array and int
18.Convert Int To Plugwise Log Hex
19.Convert Plugwise Log Hex To Int
20.Convert a hexadecimal string to a byte array
21.Bytes To Hex String (2)
22.Hex String To Bytes (2)
23.Extends Encoding class to Represent hexadecimal (base-16) character encoding.
24.Bytes To Hex, Hex To StringBytes To Hex, Hex To String
25.Hex Encoding
26.Hex To Int
27.Facilities for outputting hexadecimal strings
28.Calculates the HEX values of an array of bytes and produces a hex string
29.Bytes To Hex