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1.use the Format() method to format a string
2.Use the static String.Format() method to build a new string.
3.Fill placeholders using an array of objects.
4.Format a string
5.Use string.Format to format integer
6.The comma (,M) determines the field width and justification.
7.Control the width
8.left justify and align a set of strings to improve the appearance of program output

10.{0,4} {1,4} {2,4} {3,4} {4,4}
11.Format with {0:F}
12.Formats a string to an invariant culture
13.Formats a string to the current culture.
14.Clean \t (tab), \r from strings
15.Pad String
16.Convert the string e.g. fooBar to sentance case: FooBar
17.Formats the specified size as a string.
18.Converts a space delimited string into a single, compound pascal case string
19.To String Camel Case
20.Format Array To Comma Delimited String
21.Split the multi-line output into separate line strings
22.Escape and unescape string
23.Convert Size to String
24.Format the given string using the provided collection of objects.
25.Get a string representation of flags.
26.Reads count number of characters and returns them as a string with any null terminators removed.
27.Truncate On Word Boundary
28.Camel/uncamel cases the specified input
29.Camel Case
30.To First Upper Case
31.To Pascal Case
32.Split Camel Case
33.Proper Case
34.Strips all illegal characters from the specified title
35.Appends a space before all capital letters in a sentence, except the first character.
36.Remove Illegal Characters
37.Remove Diacritics
38.StripSpaces removes spaces at the beginning and at the end of the value and replaces sequences of spaces with a single space
39.Display value in a grid
40.Amazon SimpleDB Util
41.Get the last word
42.Implementation of the Infelctor in Ruby that transforms words from singular to plural
43.Strips all illegal characters from the specified title.