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1.TimeSpan format: %d
2.TimeSpan format: d\.hh\:mm\:ss
3.TimeSpan format: d\.hh\:mm\:ss for new TimeSpan(3, 4, 3, 17)
4.TimeSpan format: h(hour) and m(minutes)
5.Indicate format for TimeSpan parse
6.Standard TimeSpan Format String: c
7.Standard TimeSpan format: g
8.Standard TimeSpan format: G (2)
9.Converts TimeSpan to string with ToString() using the specified format: "c", "g", "G"

10.Converts TimeSpan to string using the specified format and culture-specific formatting information.
11.Converts TimeSpan to string with default ToString
12.TimeSpan Format with Flag
13.Convert To TimeSpan