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1.Get Random number
2.Shifted and scaled random integers.
3.Roll a six-sided die 6000 times.
4.Get next random number in doubleGet next random number in double
5.An automated pair of diceAn automated pair of dice
6.Random Color and Rectangle
7.Example of the Random class constructors and Random.NextDouble( ) method.
8.Next bytes
9.Generate and display 5 random integers.

10.Generate and display 5 random integers between 0 and 100.
11.Generate and display 5 random integers from 50 to 100.
12.Generate and display 5 random floating point values from 0 to 1.
13.Generate and display 5 random floating point values from 0 to 5.
14.Returns a nonnegative random number less than the specified maximum.
15.A random number within a specified range.
16.Returns a random DateTime value.
17.Returns a random TimeSpan value.
18.Returns a random Double value.
19.Returns a random Decimal value.
20.Returns a random Boolean value.
21.Generate random string
22.Get random shorten URL
23.Get Random Password
24.Random Double From Range
25.Gets a random Lorem Ipsum phrase with the given word count, starting with "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" and ending with a dot.
26.Randomises elements in List
27.Get random element from a List
28.Get random value within a range
29.Given a directory select a random file from it.
30.Get Random Vector3
31.Generates a random string with the given length