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1.CurrentDomain, GetAssemblies
2.Dynamically invoking methods from classes in an assembly.
3.Set AssemblyTitle, AssemblyDescription, AssemblyConfiguration, AssemblyCompany, AssemblyProduct
4.AssemblyCulture AssemblyVersion
5.Location of Assembly
7.Load assembly from namespace System.Xml
8.Create assemblyCreate assembly
9.Examining Location InformationExamining Location Information

10.Working with an Assembly Entry PointWorking with an Assembly Entry Point
11.Loading Assemblies Dynamically with Load() and LoadWithPartialName()Loading Assemblies Dynamically with Load() and LoadWithPartialName()
12.Finding and Creating Assembly Types
13.Retrieving a List of Referenced Assemblies
14.Simple Windows Form Application with Version InformationSimple Windows Form Application with Version Information
15.Find Attribytes from assembly nameFind Attribytes from assembly name
16.Get current application domainGet current application domain
17.List All Types from an AssemblyList All Types from an Assembly
18.List All Members from an AssemblyList All Members from an Assembly
19.Use Assembly to indicate the version and cultureUse Assembly to indicate the version and culture AssemblyName()
21.AssemblyName: Name, Version, CultureInfo, SetPublicKeyToken
22.Gets an assembly by its name if it is currently loaded
23.Get all modules from Assembly
24.Load and execute an assembly and Unload the application domain
25.GetNamespaces from Assembly
26.Load Embedded Font
27.Gets the Assembly in which the type is declared.
28.Gets the assembly-qualified name of the Type
29.Get Resource Assembly Type
30.Assembly Title
31.Assembly Copyright
32.Assembly Version
33.Get Assembly Path and Name
34.Get Resource from Assembly
35.Assembly Accessors
36.Assembly Utils
37.Get Assembly As Bytes
38.Loads a resource given an assembly-relative resource name and an anchor type.
39.Returns the path relative to the entry assembly
40.Returns the full assembly signature.
41.Add and Remove Assembly
42.Detects whether an assembly is implementing a specific interface or not.
43.Creates an instance of a class implementing a specific interface in a given assembly.
44.Get Application Path
45.Create Class from class name
46.Activator Utils