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1.Single dimension Arrays
2.Using gcnew to create array
3.Declare, create, and initialize a 1D native array
4.Declare, create, and initialize a 1D managed array
5.Declare, create, and initialize a 2D native array
6.Declare, create, and initialize a 2D managed array
7.Array initializing
8.Array for each
9.Shallow copy creates another name for the array

10.Using Array::Copy to copy array
11.Array equality test
12.Using array.Equals to test if two arrays are equal
13.class with managed array
14.Get array length
15.Sort array with Array.Sort
16.Using Array.BinarySearch to search an element in an array
17.Using for each to loop through an array
18.Arrays iterators
19.Create an object for each object array position
20.Loop over the array with the interior pointer
21.Create an interior pointer to elements of the array
22.Array initialization without gcnew
23.Using gcnew to create array
24.Object array with non default constrctuctor
25.Assign value from native array to managed array
26.String arrays length
27.Use variables in the initializer list