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1.Overload the + relative to MyClass.Overload the + relative to MyClass.
2.Overload + for 'ob + int' as well as 'ob + ob'.Overload + for 'ob + int' as well as 'ob + ob'.
3.String class with custom +/- operator
4.additional meanings for the + and = operations
5.overload the "+" operator so that several angles, in the format degrees minutes seconds, can be added directly.
6.Friendly operator+
7.overloaded '+' operator adds two Distances
8.overloaded '+' operator concatenates strings
9.+ is overloaded for three_d + three_d and for three_d + int.

10.Define operator +(plus) and cast to double operator
11.Overloading the + (or any other binary operator) using a friend allows a built-in type to occur on the left or right side of the operator.
12.friend overloaded + operator