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1.Copy vector and list
2.Use copy to copy elements in one container to another container
3.Copy and insert list
4.Use copy function to print all elements in a deque
5.Print all elements in a list with copy function
6.Use std::copy to print all elements in a set
7.Display all elements in a vector
8.Use copy to output all elements in a container
9.Use copy to copy elements of one container into another container in reverse order

10.Copy all letters three elements behind the 'f'
11.Copy istream_iterator to ostream_iterator
12.Use the copy algorithms: Shift the contents of vector1 left by 4 positions
13.Use the generic copy to duplicate vectors
14.Use copy to fill values to an array
15.Displaying a Container's Elements on the Standard Output with copy function
16.Beginning and Ending Iterators of C-Style Arrays