RegExp("(A|BC)* *(A);*(B)* *(C)* *(A|B|C)*", "i") : RegExp « Regular Expressions « Flash / Flex / ActionScript

RegExp("(A|BC)* *(A);*(B)* *(C)* *(A|B|C)*", "i")


  import flash.display.Sprite;
  public class Main extends Sprite{
    public function Main(){
        var reCase:RegExp = new RegExp("(A|BC)* *(A);*(B)* *(C)* *(A|B|C)*", "i");
        var aMatch:Array = reCase.exec("action");
        aMatch = reCase.exec("A B C");
        aMatch = reCase.exec("B C");
        aMatch = reCase.exec("A B C");
        aMatch = reCase.exec("A C B");



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