Flash / Flex / ActionScript examples (example source code) Organized by topic

Animation /

Acceleration 2Animation Utilities 1Animation 6Bounce 1
Direction 1Easing 3Frame Event 5Oscillation 2
Rotation 1Springs 2Timer Event 4Timer 8
Velocity 3

Graphics /

Bitmap 18BitmapAsset 1BitmapData 25Checkbox 1
Circle 5Color 2ColorMatrixFilter 2Controls 4
ConvolutionFilter 1Curve 3drawCircle 1drawRect 1
drawRoundRectComplex 1DropShadowFilter 1Ellipse 1Font 1
GlowFilter 2Gradient 11graphics 18line 1
lineStyle 8Rectangle 7Shape 5Triangle 4

Network /

Loader 11loaderInfo 1Socket 6URLLoader 16
URLRequest 8URLStream 2URLVariable 1XMLSocket 3

TextField /

Animation 5autosize 4background 3border 3
color 1Effects 7Event 2Filter 13
focus event 2focus 3Font 15htmlText 22
Input Field 2Length 1margin 6MouseEvent 9
mouseWheel 1Password 1rotation 2Scroll 5
selection 2size 2skew 1StyleSheet 1
tab 2text event 4text format 17text 9
type 1wordwrap 3


at 8attributes 14Bracket syntax 7child 14
childIndex 4Comments and Processing Instructions 7copy 1data type 4
delete 6descendants 3Double dot 4Equality 7
Filter 8insert 7loop through 8namespace 13
Node type 1normalize 2parent 4QName 1
replace 1settings 2StyleSheet 1text node 5
toString 7update 11XML Element 6XML hierarchy 2
XML Method 1XML Object 8XML variable 8XMLList 6

Regular Expressions /

Email Address 2lastIndex 3Match 9Phone Number 3
RegExp 15

Development /

ByteArray 6Camera 1cross domain policy 7Date format 8
Date 26Drag Drop 3Error 3Event 8
FileReference 6Focus Event 6group 1KeyboardEvent 11
Math 25Microphone 3MouseEvent 18MovieClip 5
MP3 7Print 4SharedObject 2SimpleButton 3
Sound 8SoundMixer 1Sprite 18SpriteAsset 1
stage 9StageAlign 1StyleSheet 6system.Capabilities 17
Trace Utilities 2trace 3

Class /

Access Control Modifiers 7Class 4Composition 2Constructor 7
Dynamic object 8final 3Inheritance 10Instance variable 3
interface 8Member method 7Method 5Object 8
Override 4polymorphism 3Properties 5Singleton 2
static 6super 1this 2

Function /

function parameters 11function variable 5function 14return 9

Array /

Array Declaration 11Array Dimension 15Array Index 10Array Utilties 1
Associative Arrays 6Compare 5concat 4copy 2
delete 1Dictionary 4every 1filter 1
forEach 1join 6length 6loop through 5
map 1Object Array 1pop 3Push 4
reverse 1search 2shift 3slice 2
some 1Sort 22sortOn 3splice 8
split 2toString 1unshift 3

Data Type /

Boolean 2Convert to String 5float 6Hexadecimal 1
int 13isNaN 1null 3Number parse 6
Number 10Octal 1parseInt 6Type cast 4
uint 2undefined 2Value Reference 1Variable Declare 11
Variable scope 6

Language /

Arithmetic Operators 8Bitwise Operators 10Comments 3Comparison Operators 13
Conditional operator 4const 2import 1Logical Operators 9
package 9

Statement /

as 2break 2continue 2Do while 1
finally 5for each 1for 11if 7
instanceof 1is 1switch 6throw 2
try catch 6typeof Operator 2while 7with 1

String /

case 9char code 3charAt 3Compare 1
Escape 13fromCharCode 2indexOf lastIndexOf 13length 1
replace 8reverse 1search 2slice 2
split 11String concatenation 8String length 2String 14
substr 5trim 1