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1.Define string variable
2.Create a String object by simply invoking a property or method of the String class from a primitive string value
3.Call the valueOf() method. The valueOf() method of any class returns the primitive value if one exists:
4.Call the toString() method. This method returns the string representation of any type of object if available.
5.Use valueOf method to return the value of a string object
6.Pass string variables to a method
7.String.concat( ) appends new values to the end of an existing string
8.Convert string to characters
9.Remove every instance of a particular character

10.Access string method directly from the String value
11.Converting a String Object to a Primitive
12.The escape characters for double and single quotes are \" and \' respectively.
13.Newline character, \n, which is the equivalent of pressing the Enter key.
14.Using toString to convert object to String