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1.To access an element's attributes: attributes()
2.Access an element's attributes using E4X attributes wildcard (@*)
3.Attributes in an XMLList can be accessed using the array-access operator ([]).
4.Accesses first attribute by using E4X's attributes wildcard syntax
5.Returns an XMLList that contains one XML instance
6.Returns an XMLList that contains one XML instance, representing the attribute, with variable-access syntax.
7.To access the XML instance contained by the XMLList returned by novel.@ISBN
8.Accessing Attributes and Elements Whose Names Contain Reserved Characters: attribute( ), child( ), or [] operator.
9.Changing an Attribute Value

10.Unusual behavior can be used to collect a group of attributes into a single attribute
11.Adding New Attributes and Elements
12.Assign the desired attributes the desired values
13.Use the name( ) method on the attribute reference to retrieve its name
14.To loop over all of the attributes of an element, use a for each loop.