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1.Footer with copyright notice
2.Shading footer with background image
3.Footer with Div
4.Footer with UL
5.Footer 2
6.Footer with background
7.Footer with DIV and UL
8.position: absolute; for Footer
9.Centered footer

10.Top border for Footer
11.Header, footer, navigation bar, and body
12.Without a footer
13.Footer with solid line
14.clear: both; for the footer
15.Footer with background 2
16.Footer DIV position: absolute;
17.Footer with green background
18.Grey link color for footer
19.Two Line footer
20.Grey footer
21.Wide footer
22.Footer with dark background
23.Four-column footer
24.Footer: clear both
25.Large footer with three columns
26.About me column in the footer
27.Footer with smaller font
28.Footer with Two parts
29.Contact information in the footer
30.Multi-line footer
31.using vertical line to separate footer
32.Three column layout with header and footer