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1.The border-style Property
2.'border-style' Example
3.Border style all values
4.border style shorthand with three values
5.border-style: solid dotted;
6.border style shorthand with two values
7.border-style: hidden
8.border-style: dotted
9.border-style: dashed

10.border-style: solid
11.border-style: groove
12.border-style: ridge
13.border-style: inset
14.border-style: outset
15.border-style: none
16.border-style: solid dashed double dotted;
17.border-style: solid dashed dotted;
18.border-style: solid dashed double inset;
19.border-style: solid; border-width: 5px;
20.border-style: double; border-width: medium;
21.All border styles
22.border-style: hidden;
23.border-style: double
24.border-style: none
25.border-style: solid dashed double dotted
26.Various border-styles
27.When no border-color is specified, the border color is the value of the color property.
28.Individual border-style properties can be combined into a single property.
29.Shading border for paragraph
30.Use different border style to highlight
31.Border styles, color and size