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1.'font-family' Example
2.font-family: serif;
3.font-family: sans-serif;
4.font-family: cursive;
5.font-family: fantasy;
6.font-family: monospace;
7.font-family: "Rockwell"
8.font-family: "Californian FB", AppleMyungjo; ( If Californian FB is not available, AppleMyungjo is used.)
9.font-family: "Perpetua Titling MT", serif;

10.font-family: "Baskerville Old Face", serif;
11.font-family: "Lucida Bright", monospace;
12.font-family: Herculanum, "Eras Demi ITC", sans-serif;
13.font-family for p
14.font-family overwrite
15.font-family: "Times New Roman";font-family: Arial;
16.font-family:courier, courier new, serif;
17.Font family test
18.Two font families, just in case
19.font-family Demo
20.font family sequence
21.Example of Simple Font Styling
22.Inline Example of font-family Order
23.Set font family for paragraph
24.h1, h2 and p are in Times New Roman font
25.Font family cascade
26.font-family: Arial
27.font-family: "Times New Roman"
28.font family with generic fonts