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1.'font-weight' Example
2.font-weight: lighter
3.font-weight: bolder
4.font-weight by number from 100 to 900
5.font-weight: normal, bold, bolder, lighter
6.font weight for p
7.font weight
8.font weight and bolder
9.font weight lighter

10.font-weight:normal; font-weight:bold; font-weight:lighter; font-weight:bolder;
11.font weight settings
12.font weight normal
13.Set font weight to bold for the first text in paragraph
14.Header text-transform: uppercase;
15.font-weight:900; assigns the constant 900 to font-weight.
16.font weight bolder
17.use the following constants for font-weight: normal, bold, bolder, lighter.
18.Font Weight by number
19.Font weight by value