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1.Font Property and Purpose
2.'font' Example
3.font shortcut
4.Font shortcut: font: bold italic 2em Georgia, Times, "Times New Roman", serif;
5.font: 1em/1.5 Georgia, serif
6.font: bold 1em/1.5 Verdana, sans-serif
7.font: italic 1em/1.5 Georgia, serif;
8.Font color
9.font: status-bar

10.font: small-caption
11.font: message-box
12.font: menu
13.font: caption;
14.font: icon;
15.font: menu;
16.font: message-box;
17.font: small-caption;
18.font: status-bar;
19.font: italic small-caps bold 1.5em/3em sans-serif;
20.font: 32px "Monotype Corsiva";
21.font: 16px sans-serif;
22.font: bold 24px sans-serif;
23.font: italic bold small-caps 24px sans-serif;
24.font: 16px monospace;
25.This font is 1.2 times the default font, or 20 pixels.
26.font-size is inheritable
27.Making font size smaller and smaller
28.This font size is 50% bigger
29.This font size is 25% smaller
30.font style
31.font style no italic no oblique
32.font style oblique italic
33.Generic font
34.Multiple fonts
35.Using system font
36.Font properties
37.HTML code for displaying generic font families
38.HTML source code for displaying font size values
39.Using font sizes in pixels for alignment
40.Using keyword font property values
41.Change font size with inline style
42.Font inheritance
43.Font size inheritance
44.CSS Built-in Fonts
45.CSS1 Font Properties Example
46.This demonstrates the use of the font-variant: small-caps; effect.
47.Relative font size
48.Test font at 100%
49.font: 12px sans-serif;
50.font-family: monospace;
51.font-variant: small-caps;
52.h4 font-weight: normal;
53.Using inline style to control font size for span
54.first-child font-weight: bold;
55.This font is 1 em in size and sans-serif.
56.Font style shortcut
57.Use font
58.This font is italic, small-caps, bold, 1em in size, with a 1.5 em line height and a sans-serif font.
59.make text that's italic, bold, small-caps,24 pixel sans-serif, which looks like a comic book font
60.Overlay font
61.font color 2
62.System font: caption
63.System font: icon
64.System font: menu
65.System font: message-box
66.System font: small-caption
67.System font: status-bar