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1.'list-style' Example
2.list-style: inside url('exploded_folder.gif')
3.list-style: disc outside url('download.gif')
4.list-style: square url('arrow.png') outside
5.list-style: square url('arrow.png') outside;
6.list-style: url('arrow.png') inside;
7.list-style: square inside;
8.list-style: square url('arrow.png');
9.list style: disc outside url('download.gif');

10.list style with image
11.list-style all values
12.The image and the position can be specified
13.You can specify only a marker
14.You can specify only the position.
15.You can specify only a marker image
16.The marker and the position can be specified
17.The marker and the image can be specified
18.list-style: url('arrow.png') inside
19.list-style: square inside
20.list-style: square url('arrow.png')
21.list-style: url('arrow.png')
22.list-style: circle
23.list-style: inside
24.LI display: inline;
25.LI padding: 0 19px;
26.LI line-height: 25px;
27.LI based top menu
28.LI Menu