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1.'overflow' Example
2.overflow: auto
3.overflow: hidden
4.overflow: scroll
5.You can set overflow to one of four constant values: visible, hidden, scroll, or auto.
6.The default value is visible, which allows overflowing content to be rendered outside the containing block.
7.hidden hides the overflowing content and does not provide scrollbars, which prevents a user from scrolling overflowed content into view.
8.scroll clips the overflowing content and provides scrollbars
9.auto works like scroll except that it shows scrollbars only as needed

10.visibility:hidden hides an element without affecting the other elements' inline flow.
11.display:none does not render an element by completely removing it from all flows
13.overflow:auto; white-space: nowrap
14.The overflow property
15.Overflow value
16.overflow determines what happens when an element's content is larger than its inner box. The default is to show the overflowing content.
17.Overflow auto
18.H2 with overflow hidden
19.overflow auto, white space, nowrap
20.Overflow auto method demonstrated