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1.'width' Example
2.width: 250px
3.width: 1in
4.width: 96px;
5.width: 12em;
6.width: 192px;
7.width: 100%;
8.When all four offset properties are specified on the same element both width and height are implied.
9.width: 150px

10.width and height
11.width and height absolute positioning
12.width and height: auto
13.width and height: auto for table
14.width and height percentage
15.width: 200px; height: 300px;
16.more content than width
17.floats and percentage width
18.Set width for td
19.This text is chopped off
20.Auto width on a block element.
21.Set the width for the full page
22.width sets the width of the element. width:auto is the default value.
23.Default width
24.width:auto is the default.
25.width sets the width of an element's inner box.
26.Set width to auto for an anchor with LI under UL in a DIV
27.static width and centered
28.Set the total width to 50%
29.width: auto
30.width, height: auto
31.width, height: percentage, and html body no margin
32.width setting with more content than width
33.A div with auto width expands horizontally filling the whole available area.
34.Margin and width
35.Use width:auto to stretch the width of a block to the sides of its parent.
36.Aligned and Offset Static Table
37.Left-aligned Shrinkwrapped Table
38.Centered Shrinkwrapped Table
39.This div stretches across the whole window
40.Fixed Width CSS
41.width more content than width
42.width and height with percentage and html body no margin
43.floats and percentage width 2
44.height sets the height of an element's inner box.
45.height:auto is the default
46.width, height: percentage
47.height: size an element by assigning pixels, ems, a percentage
48.Percentages are more flexible because they can scale to the viewport.
49.height:100% stretches an element to the height of its parent.
50.height sets the height of the element.
51.height: 150px
52.Height and overflow
53.width: auto and height: 200px
54.width: 100% and height: 100%
55.width: 200px and height: auto