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1.Elements with a fixed position are always positioned relative to the browser's viewport, not in a document's structure.
2.position:fixed positions an element at an offset from the viewport.
3.Elements with a fixed position stay in place, even when a document is scrolled.
4.Using Fixed Positioning
5.Fixed position and static position
6.position fixed: top left
7.watermark with position fixed
8.Fixed top, footer and left bar
9.Position:fixed header

10.Absolute and fixed positioning use left, right, top, bottom, and z-index to control the alignment of the absolute box.
11.move an element into its own layer and fix its position to the viewport.
12.Fixed block with width and height to bottom and top
13.fixed block to top and left
14.Fixed block to top and right
15.Fixed block to bottom and left
16.Fixed block to bottom and right
17.position-fixed offset: left top