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1.Introduction to hyperlinks
2.'link' defines relationship between the current page and external documents
3.A basic link to another page
4.A basic link to an external web site
5.A link with a title attribute
6.A link with white space
7.a name = ".."> creates an internal hyperlink
8.Anchor element
9.relative link

10.background image, repeat and position for anchor link
11.avoid underlining links
12.Set border for an anchor with
  • under
  • 13.Set text-decoration to none for
    14.Anchor hover image style
    15.Set cursor for anchor link and visted
    16.Set text decoration for anchor
    17.Set background for anchor
    18.Four level nesting for anchor style setting
    19.Using Links - Changing Backgrounds
    20.Using Links with Background Images
    21.Image links
    22.anchor style for removing the underline
    23.Add text decoration for link
    24.Add background image to anchor link
    25.List with anchor
    26.Using images as link anchors
    27.text-decoration, color, background-color for hover anchor