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1.a:hover text-decoration:underline;
2.a:hover background-color:#ccffff;
3.a:hover, a:active text-decoration: underline overline;
4.Link visted hover
5.Link visted hover active
6.Link visted hover active focus
7.a:hover text-decoration:underline; background-color:#ccffff;
8.A link with a title attribute - hover over the link to see the tooltip appear
9.a:hover text-decoration: none;

10.a:hover color: #369;
11.a:hover background: inherit;
12.Update image while mouse hover
13.a:hover {color: red; text-decoration: underline;}
14.Anchor with solid background, and hover effect
15.anchor based mouse hover effect
16.Hover Anchor Style inside a LI
17.Change Anchor underline decoration when mouse hover
18.Change background position for anchor when mouse hover
19.a:hover color: #B29B35;
20.a:hover color: yellow;