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1.div float: left;
2.div float: left; 2
3.Two floating right div section
4.Two floating left div sections
5.Div float: none;
6.Div float: left; 3
7.Div float: left; 4
8.Div float: left; 5
9.DIV float: left; 6

10.DIV float: right;
11.div float with width and height
12.div width: 50px;
13.DIV width: auto;
14.Div width: 100%;
15.Div width: 1001px;
16.Div width: 500px;
17.DIV width: 134px;
18.Using width to control nested div boxes
19.Set width and height to DIV
20.Shrinkwrapped DIV by setting both width and height to auto
21.div height: 50px;
22.Div line-height: 23px;
23.Div line-height: 17px;
24.DIV line-height: 1.3em;
25.DIV height:1.8em;
26.DIV line-height:1.8em;
27.Using div with different height to create layout
28.Div for clearing
29.Div clear: both;
30.DIV for clear
31.DIV clear: left;
32.Div position: relative;
33.DIV position: absolute;
34.Using position: fixed; to place div tags to four corners
35.Using position: absolute; to place div tags to four corner
36.div with position: absolute; inside div with position: relative;
37.div with position: absolute; inside body
38.div position:relative;
39.Set position of DIV to absolute, to bottom 50px, to left 100px
40.Wrap tags in DIV and set the position
41.Div left: 0;
42.Div display: inline;
43.div display: table-cell;
44.Div top: 0;