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1.'frameset' is used in conjunction with the 'frame' element
2.Set frame size in frameset"_self" is the default value
4.This link opens a page to replace the frameset
5.This link opens in a frame with the name 'content'
8.Frames example

10.rows="150, *, 100"
12.cols="200, *"
13.frame out of the frameset"main_frame"
15.cols = "50%,50%"
16.noframes just in case
17.frameset rows="150, *, 100" frameborder="10"
18.'cols' specifies the number of columns and the size of the columns in a frameset
19.'frameborder' displays a border around a frame or frameset
20.'framespacing' creates additional space in pixels between the frames
21.'rows' sets the row number and size in a frameset