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1.P width: 600px; text-align: justify;
2.p text-indent: 37%;
3.p text-indent: 2.5em;
4.p text-indent: -5em; text-indent: -60px; text-indent: -60px;
5.p text-indent: -5em;
6.P text-align: justify
7.Use style to hide text
8.Text is larger than wrapper box
9.Text is large, bold, and aligned at the baseline. Subsequent lines are not indented.

10.p text-decoration: underline;
11.p text-decoration: overline;
12.p text-decoration: line-through;
13.p text-decoration: blink;
14.p text-transform: none;
15.p text-transform: capitalize;
16.p text-transform: uppercase;
17.p text-transform: lowercase;
18.p text-align: right;
19.p text-align: center;
20.p text-align: justify;
21.p {text-align: left;text-align: right;text-align: center;
22.p text-indent: 25px;
23.p text-indent: 10%;
24.p text-indent: -15px;
25.p text-align: left;
26.p text-indent:3em;
27.Paragraph text is black and in 12pt font
28.Paragraph wraps text
29.text align to left
30.text-align:left, center, right
31.text-align: right;
32.text-align: left;
33.text-align: center;
34.Set text align to justify
35.Set text align to center
36.Text alignment: center, left and justify