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1.Represents a sequence of integer values, either ascending or descending.
2.This constructs an Iterator over each day in a date range defined by a focus date and range style.
3.Finds the value in the range (start,limit) of the largest element (rank) where the count of all smaller elements in that range is less than or equals target.
4.IntRange represents an inclusive range of ints.
5.LongRange represents an inclusive range of longs.
6.Byte Range
7.NumberRange represents an inclusive range of java.lang.Number objects of the same type.
8.Represents a range of Number objects.
9.A numeric range has a high, low, mean, root-mean-square, standard deviation, and the count of how many samples it contains.

10.A range of integers.
11.Value Range generic structure
12.Long Range
13.Class for storing start and end integer offsets.
14.Integer Sequence Generator
15.A numerical interval