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1.Connect to more than one database
2.Verify database setup
3.Debug Database connection
4.Create Connection With Properties
5.Set save point
6.JDBC Simple Connection
7.Load some drivers
8.Encapsulate the Connection-related operations that every JDBC program seems to use
9.Test of loading a driver and connecting to a database

10.Load MySQL JDBC Driver
11.Oracle JDBC Driver load
12.Oracle JDBC Driver load test: NewInstance
13.Test Register Oracle JDBC Driver
14.Install Oracle Driver and Execute Resultset
15.Test Thin Net8 App
16.Specify a CharSet when connecting to a DBMS
17.Listing All Available Parameters for Creating a JDBC Connection
18.String (Get name of property)
19.boolean java.sql.DriverPropertyInfo.required (Is property value required?)
20.String java.sql.DriverPropertyInfo.value (Get current value)
21.String java.sql.DriverPropertyInfo.description (Get description of property)
22.String[] java.sql.DriverPropertyInfo.choices (Get possible choices for property; if null, value can be any string)
23.Determining If a Database Supports Transactions
24.Committing and Rolling Back Updates to a Database
25.Disable auto commit mode in JDBC
26.Print warnings on a Connection to STDERR.
27.Print warnings on a Connection to a specified PrintWriter.
28.This program tests that the database and the JDBC driver are correctly configured.
29.Manage Db connections providing shortcuts for Statements, PreparedStatements and ResultSets.