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1.Read a set of properties from the received input stream, strip off any excess white space that exists in those property values,
2.Copy a set of properties from one Property to another.
3.Sorts property list and print out each key=value pair prepended with specific indentation.
4.Sorts a property list and turns the sorted list into a string.
5.A utility class for replacing properties in strings.
6.Property Loader
7.Property access utility methods
8.Represents a persistent set of properties
9.Converts specified map to java.util.Properties

10.A java.util.Properties class that will check a file or URL for changes periodically
11.Encapsulates java.util.Properties to add java primitives and some other java classes
12.Load and save properties to files.
13.Adds new properties to an existing set of properties
14.Extracts a specific property key subset from the known properties
15.Observable Properties
16.Merge Properties Into Map
17.XML configuration management
18.JDOM based XML properties
19.XML Properties
20.Converts Unicode into something that can be embedded in a java properties file
21.Create Properties from String array
22.Task to overwrite Properties
23.Gets strong-type-value property from a standard Properties
24.The properties iterator iterates over a set of enumerated properties.
25.An utility class to ease up using property-file resource bundles.
26.Sorted Properties
27.A subclass of the java.util.Properties class that must be initialized from a file on disk
28.This class contains a collection of static utility methods for creating, retrieving, saving and loading properties.
29.Simplify routine job with properties
30.Property Manager