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1.give a known Locale (with the right decimal separator) to bypass the current Locale
2.Two decimal digits
3.Group separators
4.Align string output
5.Align float numbers
6.Display current time
7.Use printf() to create a time stamp.
8.Display short and long date and time formats.
9."%d %(d %+d %05d

10.System.out.printf("a %1$s is a %1$s is a %1$s...", "AAA")
11.System.out.printf( "%-10.10s %s\n", word, word.length() )
12.System.out.printf("num is %s\n", 5)
13.System.out.printf("The DATE is %tz\n", new Date() )
14.System.out.printf("%1$s://%2$s/%3$s\n", "http", "host", "path")
15.System.out.printf("num is %.2f\n", Math.PI )
16.System.out.printf("String is '%-5s'\n", "A")
17.System.out.printf(Locale.CHINA, "The date is %tc\n", new Date())
18.System.out.printf("The DATE is %tr\n", new Date() )
19.System.out.printf("The DATE is %Tc\n", new Date() )
20.System.out.printf("%s://%s/%s\n", "http", "host", "path")
21.System.out.printf("num is %03d\n", 5 )
22.System.out.printf("num is {%07.3f}\n", 3.14 )
23.System.out.printf("1.0 4f num is %4f\n", 1.0 )
24.System.out.printf("sci not num is %e\n", 3000000.0 )
25.System.out.printf("boolean value is %1$b, %1$B\n", true )
26.System.out.printf("hex value is %1$#x, %1$#X\n", 0xCAFE )
27.System.out.printf( Locale.ITALIAN, "value: %f\n", 3.14 )
28.System.out.printf("float is %-20f!\n", 1.23456789)
29.Use printf(): Two decimal digits
30.Use printf(): group separators
31.Use printf(): %10s %10s %10s
32.Use printf(): align float numbers
33.Default floating-point format: %f
34.Floating-point with commas: %,f
35.Negative floating-point default: %,f
36.Negative floating-point option: %,(f
37.Line up positive and negative values
38.System.out.format("%f, %1$+020.10f %n", Math.PI)
39.System.out.printf("%b %n %c %n %s %n %s %n %d %n",..)
40.Basic Math with System.out.printfBasic Math with System.out.printf
41.Display a file in hex.