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1.BASE64 Decoder Stream
2.BASE64 Encoder Stream from Sun Microsystems
3.Base64 Character decoder as specified in RFC1113.
4.Base64 Character encoder as specified in RFC1113.
5.Performs Base-64 decoding on an underlying stream.
6.Class encodes the bytes written to the OutPutStream to a Base64 encoded string.
7.BASE64 Decoder Stream from Sun Microsystems
8.BASE64 Encoder Stream
9.Decode a BASE64 encoded input stream to some output stream

10.Hex dump
11.Dumps data in hexadecimal format
12.Apply a ASCII Hex encoding to the stream
13.Base64 Codec
14.Base64 encoding from
15.Base64 provides Base64 encoding/decoding of strings and streams
16.Base64 - encode/decode data using the Base64 encoding scheme
17.Base64 from Eric Glass jcifs at samba dot org