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1.Use reflection to generate the async interface from the Service interface as per GWT standard
2.Array Utils for client side GWT
3.A simple number formatting/ parsing class
4.GWT window utility
5.Implement java.util.regex.Pattern with Javascript RegExp object
6.GWT color class
7.DOM related helper methods (Smart GWT)
8.Formatting functions for GWT client side (Ext GWT)
9.Helper class to decode and encode objects to and from Json (Ext GWT)

10.String util for GWT client side (Smart GWT)
11.GWT DOM util
12.Replace string for GWT
13.GWT style util
14.gwt DateTimeFormat
15.A utility class that provides utility methods to work with arrays for GWT.
16.Date compare util for GWT
17.GWT DOM utility functions for use when programmatically constructing a UI.
18.Generate a faster string comparison than String.equals() for web mode code.
19.Js Array Util